Orders: Place orders for all our local supplies using by email or by phoning the shop during opening hours on 01865 375715. We will deliver to the elderly and ill in Islip.


We now have an online delivery most days from Sainsbury’s. If you would like to save fuel and time then please do take advantage of this convenient service. Orders can be placed up until 7.00pm the night before by sending an email to:

card payment

Credit and debit cards: accepted for purchases over £5


Postage: we sell stamps for inland and overseas postagGeneric stamp postage stamps / ALAMYe; we can also weigh and stamp parcels for you.



laundry board

Dry cleaning, laundry and alterations by Midland Dry Cleaners: drop off and collect your items from the shop.


Photocopying: xx per A4 page; xx per A3 page; B&W only


Local newspapers: Oxford Mail and Oxford Times (only)newspaper


Tickets sold for local events